Anything Goes


The shocking cry of a vulture shatters the silence.

Paracinema emerges from the unforgiving desert, silhouetted in the blazing sun brandishing cinematic gifts in its blistered fingers! Paracinema’s feet drag along the ground as the sand turns to stone and the township shimmers into view.

Dragging its cargo into town, Paracinema makes for the nearest saloon. As the saloon door close, the bartender speaks.

“Hey Stranger, we have no time for folks like you in this town!”

Paracinema peers through the brim of the hat perched on its head. They empty out the cinematic treasures onto the floor of the saloon. The light blinds the drowsy inhabitants.

“My God! It’s full of stars!” cries a wonderstruck booze hound.

Acid Westerns, Horrors, Science Fiction, Fantasy, VHS Retro, 80s spoof cop comedies, Erotica, Ugandan Martial Arts, Synthwave…. All twinkle like a spilled universe.

Paracinema looks around the room at the hungry townsfolk.

“Go ahead… get your fill.”

Adam J. Marsh

Festival Director

Festival Programme

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Day Of The Stranger Join us for a festival dedicated to films and genres outside the mainstream
Luz: The Flower Of Evil

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“You can hug every frame of this film, even as you constantly will recoil in horror.” – Screen Anarchy

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“Anything goes!” So cries the motto of Paracinema, the festival dedicated to films and genres outside the mainstream.

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