Anything Goes

Back once again for the renegade masters!! Paracinema is back!

After a year where we went online, we are now back in person and on the big screen! Lots to see this year, with special guests Stephen Volk talking about his career ahead of a rare cinema screening of Gothic. Sean Hogan (The Devil’s Business) will be joining us to talk British Horror and his new book England’s Screaming. And Paracinema’s favourite label Nucleus are joining us with a special re-release preview of Nothing Underneath.

Saturday we are turning the day over to the Video Nasties with screenings of Jake’s Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotapes and the World Premiere of Searching For Cannibal Holocaust with a Zoom Q&A with Cannibal Holocaust star Carl Yorke. Bringing the day together we will be having a panel discussion about the whole period with David Hyman of the BBFC and John Martin (author of Seduction Of The Gullible) joining Jake West and Mark Morris to explore the films and the period.

We turn Sunday over to the British with a look at some stellar films being made in the UK – we have two new features with Director Q&As as well as an excellent selection of UK shorts in our This Severed Isle programme. Joining us on Sunday is David Dent of the film blog Dark Eyes Of London whose project the New Wave Of British Fantastic Cinema is attempting to cover every new British fantastic film released. We are celebrating the year of British Fantastic Cinema with a talk and a screening of the lockdown British hit Host.

Kiss your loved one’s goodbye on Friday morning and join us for a Nasty Weekend of Film.

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Gothic - 35th Anniversary screening

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First Special Guest announcement!

We are delighted to welcome Stephen Volk to Paracinema!
Stephen will be talking about his long career in horror from films like Gothic and The Awakening.
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“Anything goes!” So cries the motto of Paracinema, the festival dedicated to films and genres outside the mainstream.

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