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Sunday 5th May / 7:20pm

Dazed and numb, taxi driver Luz drags herself into the brightly lit rundown police station, while across town in a smoky night club, a mysterious woman seductively regales psychiatrist Dr Rossini with tales of demonic possession. When Rossini is summoned to examine Luz, a vivid reconstruction of the nights events reveal dark secrets and a strange tale of an obsessive, demonic entity that will stop at nothing to get what it wants. Brilliantly filmed to create a 80s style surreal, foggy landscape that recalls Zulawski’s Possession, Fulci’s The Beyond and Mann’s The Keep, this first feature marks Singer as one to watch.

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In German with English subtitles.

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£9.50 standard. £7.00 concessions. Free for Paracinema Passholders.

18 Certificate

DirectorTilman Singer
Running time70 minutes


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