Paracinema Presents

Inner Ghosts + Director Q+A

Saturday 4th May / 4:00pm

To call Helen’s research “revolutionary” would be a huge understatement. In a quest to find a cure for brain diseases, she has developed a theory that the key to a cure lies with ghosts, all of whom don’t need brain functions to function. After putting her research on hold after a tragic accident, a stranger’s request for help draws Helen back into the world of the spirits.

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“A bold movie, full of ideas….draws on the spirit of Nigel Kneale in its conflation of the topics of science and the supernatural.” – David Dent – Bloody Flicks

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£9.50 standard. £7.00 concessions. Free for Paracinema Passholders.

18 Certificate

DirectorPaulo Leite
Running Time90 minutes


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In German with English subtitles.