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Drag Me To Hell – Representations of Drag & Transvestism in Horror Film & Television

Sunday 5th May / 3:00pm

The history of representation of drag/transvestism in horror cinema and television could be argued to have been broadly delineated into two categories: the ‘deviants’ and the divas. (In)appropriately, perhaps, the double-Ds. From Ed Wood’s Glen Or Glenda (1953) to the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula (2017), drag and transvestism have appeared as a recurring theme in genre cinema and television. This talk by Sarah Crowther will explore key cinematic and televisual genre representations, identifying shared symbolic themes and imagery, from deviancy in Dressed To Kill (1980) and Psycho (1960), to diva-ship in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and the films of John Waters.

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Sarah Crowther is a Lecturer in Media at Swansea University. She was the director of the 13th Fantastic Films Weekend at the National Media Museum. She is currently working towards her PhD in Creative Writing, scripting a feature length horror comedy film and developing a thesis on the characterisation and correlation of the horror and comedy genres. She also loves drag.

‘When reality came too close, when danger or desire threatened that illusion – he dressed up, even to a cheap wig he bought.’ – (Psycho, 1960)

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