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Burnt Offerings – A Paracinema Shorts Programme (18 adv)

Monday 27th September / 6:00pm

The embers of these shorts will continue to burn with you long after you’ve witnessed them. Line Up:

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La Llorona – Dir: Jose Quintero

A new interpretation of the La Llorona folk tale.

Unspeakable Things – Dir: Jamie Thornham

Hannah is a mute teenager. Thomas eats roadkill. After Hannah is sent to live with her uncle in the lonely countryside, the two meet, forming an uncanny relationship. Their only obstacle is the outside world.

Guest – Dir: Finn Callan

A young woman takes drastic measures to rid herself of a mysterious, otherworldly creature known as ‘The Guest’.

PKD9000 – Dir: Brandon Boudreaux

Throughout the course of a day a suburban family’s life turns into a nightmare when their new “smart” microwave, the PKD9000, takes on a life of its own.

The Thinning Veil – Dir: M J Dixon

They say that on Halloween, the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, and that if you try hard enough you can speak to the dead. But Roberta should be careful that the dead don’t want to speak back. The Mysterious Madam Brenda shows Roberta just how dangerous the Thinning Veil can be.

Viola – Dir: Paul W. Franklin

Tim and Jo arrive at a holiday rental, where they find a ‘smart device’ called Viola. However, throughout the evening the device starts playing up, and it seems like they may not be the only ones occupying the house.

Maxwell’s Eulogy – Dir: Harry Harwood

When Craig’s estranged relatives set him the task of writing and performing a eulogy for a family member. Apprehensive, he is immediately struck by writer’s block. He quickly becomes obsessive over getting this eulogy finished.

Advice – Dir: Pat Battistini

Several years after his wife’s passing, a man decides to get back into the dating scene with a little help from his son’s advice.

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18 Certificate

Country Of OriginVarious
Year2019 - 2021
Running Time90 mins


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Weird Tales – A Paracinema Shorts Programme (18 adv)

Sunday 26th September / 7:00pm

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Wharton’s Cherry Jelly – Dir: Francesco Piro UK

In a fantastical uterine environment we witness the birth of a weird creature whose life begins from an egg floating in a primordial soup and continues its development into a complex organism which in the end hopes to become human.

Return Of The Beast From Outer Space – Dir: Max Ward UK

A disgraced monster movie actor decides to make his magnum opus but needs a victim to do it.

Monstrous Circus – Dir: Jordan Inconstant France

Leonard, a magician, decides to set up a circus troupe of unusual artists. His intention is not to show their monstrosity but rather to change people’s attitudes through the audience’s acceptance of them. However, not everyone is ready to welcome them and Leonard will stop at nothing when it comes to imposing his convictions.

Cold Caller – Dir: Darren J. Perry UK

Deep within an English garden under a dark canopy of trees, other-worldly powers are at work which soon becomes a theatre for a malevolent puppeteer.

Proving Ground – Dir: Phoenix Almeida-Amir UK

A large prototype robot has killed it’s test pilot and roams through a proving ground, controlled by its AI. Another robot, controlled by a cocky human pilot, is sent to destroy the prototype. Animation.

Wooden Character – Dir: Robert Duncan UK

The incredibly boring Mr Brown is kidnapped by a sinister organisation and forced to argue the case for his continued existence with an interrogator who is out for blood.

Neutrals – Dir: Jacob Horne UK

Chris and Dan are friends who, after accidentally killing the wrong person, find their night spiralling out of control while being pursued by the vicious Wes and his punks.

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Horror Holiday – A Paracinema Shorts Programme (18 adv)

Monday 27th September / 8:00pm

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Woodland Cemetery – Dir: Niels Bourgonje Netherlands

A photographer has the assignment to shoot Skogskyrkogarden, a cemetery located in the woods of Stockholm. There she sees an old woman placing a lantern on a grave. When the photographer shoots a picture of this very private moment, she soon finds out that this haunting image is more haunted than she bargained for.

Mourning Rites – Dir: Alejandro Mathe´ Germany

A mourning woman in her twenties is preparing to summon the ghost of her grandmother at the laundrette where she died. While a storm rages outside, a loud-mouthed Drag Queen wiggles her way in, seemingly disturbing her plans. But is it possible that the interloper can help her?

Inertia – Dir: George Tsirakidis Greece

An isolated man confronts his inner thoughts. A surreal horror short.

Equilibre – Dir: Pat Lafeline France

Daria leads a double life between a neo-classical dance company and a clandestine night club. The mysterious disappearance of one of the troupe cause Daria to open her eyes to the worlds she inhabits. She then invites a dangerous customer for a private dance….

Anacronte – Dir: Raul Koler & Emiliano Sette Argentina

Anacronte and the Sorcerers Of Evil, without emotion, put humanity to the ultimate test. A test that only has two outcomes for the participants – winners and losers. Animation.

Where There’s Smoke – Dir: Bea Santos Canada

Two roommates, led by a mysterious sound, attempt to channel the spirit of their dead friend.

Now Following You – Dir: Patrick Foster Ireland

A lonely girl eager to increase her social media presence gets a new second-hand phone but she can see someone through the camera lens.

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This Severed Isle – A Paracinema Shorts Programme (18 adv)

Sunday 26th September / 12:00pm

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Peter The Penguin – DIr: Andrew Rutter

Nigel is meeting his partner’s daughter for the first time and with he’s hoping to make a great impression.

Fearfully Made – Dir: Jamie Foreman

When Arthur’s wife, Maggie, is taken into a nursing home, his daughter buys him a care robot. Arthur is no fan of his new ‘carer’, but things take a darker turn when she begins to block his attempts to call Maggie. Desperate and feeling trapped, Arthur plans his escape.

Let Me Go – Dir: Dan Harden

Megan, a heavy metal drummer, must overcome her fears and self-doubts to save Mike, her boyfriend and frontman, from a monstrous creature formed from Mike’s inner psychological turmoil.

Lepidopterist – Dir: Sophie Black

A young scientist drives away from a lab with a large box in the back of her van. But what does it contain?

Hold – Dir: Jonathan Blagrove

Tommy, an out-of-work building contractor, faces up to the consequences when a series of phone calls exposes a dangerous lie. WIth his family in danger, he must make the toughest decision of his life.

Out At Night – Dir: Christopher Hewitt

When a drifter is offered a lift by a stranger it soon becomes apparent that this is not a random act of kindness but a desperate proposition. In the dark woods something goes bump in the night… before they can.

Shorts Programme 18
  • Shorts Programme

United States Of Terror – Paracinema Shorts Programme (18 adv)

Friday 24th September / 7:30pm

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Shorts Line-Up

Bag Your Face – Dir: Keith Eyrich

Takes the format of an after school special and supercharges it with rocket fuel made from 90s VHS/Video Games/Nickelodeon trash imagery. Pure Nuclear Nostalgia!

Cold Blooded – Dir: Kidd Tommy

This is the titillating tale of a scorned amateur herpetologist who enacts a twisted revenge on her deadbeat guitarist ex. Despite worst intentions, the plan backfires and instead leads to the rise of Rex Komodo, a reptilian rock god with big hair and an even bigger appetite for blood.

3 Keys – Dir: Josh Funk

In the office of psychiatrist (Robert Donnelly), a patient (Brigette Funk) explains her reoccurring nightmares that always begin with a mysterious door and three different skeleton keys. Accompanied by stop-motion puppets, marionettes, and miniatures, each nightmare is packed with practical effects.

The Dark Odyssey – Dir: Michael Lavine

A brave captain and his faithful mate transport a captive warrior, who holds ‘The Inventory Of The Mind’, across the interstellar line. When their ship is forced to navigate an asteroid field, their mission is jeopardised.

Vampire Foxes… from Space! – Dir: Kyle Murphy

Vampire foxes from space come to Earth in an effort to replenish a dwindling blood supply on their home planet.